Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name

California Mounted Shooters

Honoring the Fallen

Bourbon Hill

Start Date & Time

Day 2 Start Time

Main Match (Sunday)

5/29/21    3:00 pm

5/30/21     9:00 am


Percentage Payback

Main Match Stages (each day)

Office Fee (per day)

60% per Stage



Shotgun Entry (Saturday)

Rifle Entry (Saturday)

Senior Side Pot

$40 – 60% payback

$50 – 60% payback

$20 – 100% payback

Futurity Sidepot

Clean Shooter


$20 – 100% payback



RV Hook Up

Dry Camping

Provided Ammo



Star Struck Blanks

Additional Information:

40 Rider Maximum. Two stage Shotgun and Rifle on Saturday afternoon. Time Only Pistol practice allowed on Rifle and Shotgun stages ($10 per run). Dry camping free
Full bath with shower available in the barn. Bring your own portables free. Stalls are $25 for one or multiple nights (limited availability/first come first serve). RV Hook-up is electric only (limited availability) Pre-Paid entries will be required. Cash, check or electronic payment (to be determined).

All registration fees will be collected at the event.