Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name

Colorado Outlaws

Sizzil’n Summer Shoot

The Ranch

Start Date & Time


Main Match Entry Fee

7/17/21  9:00 am


$70 – 50% Payback

Office Fee

Clean Shooter

Shotgun Entry



$40 – 40% Payback

Rifle Entry

Futurity Class

Shotgun/Rifle Stages

$40 – 40% Payback

$50 – 75% Payback


Additional Information:

This will be held at The Ranch in the Roundup Arena (Larimer County Fairgrounds). We reserve the right to drop down to 3 stages depending on the number of entries and availability of ammunition. Please check our website at www. or @Colorado Outlaws on Facebook for any additional updates.

All registration fees will be collected at the event.