Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name

East River Mounted Shooters

Beatin’ The Heat

Clay County Rodeo Grounds

Start Date & Time

Day 2 Start Time

Main Match Entry Fee (each day)

8/13/21     7:00 PM

8/14/21    9:00 am

$70 – 50% payback

Futurity Sidepot

Clean Shooter 

# of Stages

$20 – 100% payback

$10 – 100% payback

Day 1 – 3, Day 2 – 4

Grounds Fee per Rider

Office Fee per Entry

Ammo Provider



Star Struck Blanks

Additional Information: 

FRIDAY: Start time 7pm; 3 stages pistol.
SATURDAY: Start time 9am; 4 stages pistol.

Daily costs:
$15 Grounds Fee per Rider
$10 USMS Office Fee per Entry
$70 Main Match Entry Fee (50% payback)
$20 Futurity Sidepot Entry Fee (100% payback)
$10 Clean Shooter Sidepot Entry Fee (100% payback)

Questions? Please call or text Shari Kennedy: 605-670-0126

Outdoor arena. The GPS will bring you 1/2 mile too far to the south; take the very first immediate righthand driveway on 460th Ave (immediately south of Timber Road). If you miss the turn, please continue south to the RV park u-drive or further south to the bost landing. Please follow closely for updates as this is an outdoor arena.

All registration fees will be collected at the event.

Ride Hard, and Shoot Clean!