Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name


Santa Shootout

Double J Arena

Start Date & Time

Day 2 Start Time

Main Match Entry Fee (per day)

12/18/21     10:00 am

12/19/21     10:00 am

$80 – 60% payback

Office Fee (per day)

# of Stages (per day)

Shotgun Entry



$50 – 60% payback

Senior Sidepot

Clean Shooter (per day)

Stalls (for weekend)

$40 – 70% payback

$20 – 100% payback


RV Hookup (for weekend)

Dirty Santa Game

Ammo Provider



Star Struck Blanks

Additional Information:

After the shotgun class we will have 1 stage of Wannabe Buckaroo Run. This is for adults 12yrs and up.. way up.. Your chance to be a Buckaroo again. We will put out cones and run one stage with NO guns. $20 entry 100 percent payback. We will pay from the top and number of places paid will be determined by number of entries.
After the competition on Saturday we will have a short break and have a Buckaroo Clinic & Fun games for Buckaroos 11yrs and under. Special Christmas Price only $10 per kid. Please Text Angela Pecora your kids name and age if you want to join the clinic. (281) 682-1183

Don’t miss the fun ! We will have other fun games as well.