Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name

North Star Shooters

June Jamboree

Kuka Equestrian Center

Start Date & Time

Day 2 Start Time

Main Match Entry Fee (each day)

6/05/21    12:05 pm

6/06/21     9:00 am


Percentage Payback

Main Match Stages (each day)

Office Fee (per day)

70% per Stage



Shotgun Entry

Futurity Entry

60+ Senior Sidepot

$50 – 75% payback

$60 – 75% payback

$50 – 80% payback



Ammo Provider

$75 – 80% payback


Star Struck Blanks

Additional Information:

There will be two clinics on Fri. Hosted by Jessie Kuka and Chad Little. Shotgun will be run both days. Showdown will be run on Saturday only.

All registration fees will be collected at the event.