Family Membership


12 Month Membership.

Christmas Sale until December 24th!

Shall consist of spouses and children living in the same household.


Membership is effective for twelve (12) months from the date you join. Membership is not retroactive. You must submit a completed membership application and fee prior to receiving any USMS awards, points, or finals qualification credit.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: I hereby request membership with UNITED STATES MOUNTED SHOOTING,LLC.. I hereby agree to become familiar with all of its rules and regulations and I will abide by and be bound by them. I further agree to release and hold harmless UNITED STATES MOUNTED SHOOTING LLC,, arena owners, event promoters, sponsors, and any person connected with UNITED STATES MOUNTED SHOOTING produced and endorsed events from losses, damages, or injury to me, my equipment, and/or my animals resulting in my attendance or participation in any UNITED STATES MOUNTED SHOOTING produced or endorsed event.  

UNITED STATES MOUNTING SHOOTING, LLC, assumes no liability to those who have not read these conditions and having not read these conditions, they are still held to their contents. By submitting this order, I agree to the disclaimer of liability.