Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name

Texas High Plains Drifters

Texas Buckle Series Finals

NRS Arena

Start Date & Time

Day 2 Start Time

Main Match Entry (per day)

8/28/21   9:00 am

8/29/21   9:00 am

$105 – 60% payback

Main Match Added Money

Pistol Stages (per day)

Office Fee

$2,000 (each day)



Shotgun Entry

Shotgun Stages

Shotgun Added Money

$60 – 75% payback



Rifle Entry

Rifle Stages

60+ Senior Sidepot

$60 – 75% payback


$20 – 75% payback

Showdown Entry

Showdown Added Money

Clean Shooter (per day)

$65  – 75% payback



Futurity Entry

Stalls/RV (per night)

Ammo Provider

$50  – 60% payback

Contact NRS

Star Struck Blanks

Additional Information:

Books close at 8am, Saturday start time is 9am, Shotgun & Rifle Classes will run first, the Showdown Stage will begin after the Main Match. Sunday will start at 9am with awards after the Main Match. We will have the awards for the weekend and for the buckle series. Don’t forget these are both double point events! Please visit to reserve your stalls and rv spots.

All registration fees will be collected at the event.

Ride Hard, and Shoot Clean!