Club Name

Event Title

Facility Name

Willamette Valley Patriots

USMS Fathers Day Shoot

Lone Pine Rangers Arena

Start Date & Time


Main Match Entry Fee

6/18/21  4:00 pm


$95 – 50% Payback

Office Fee

Clean Shooter




$45 – 50% Payback

Shotgun Stages

Futurity Class

Ammo Provider


$50 – 50% Payback

Lonesome Pine

Additional Information:

Stalls are $25 for the weekend. There is a limited Number of Stalls. If a stall is wanted you must reserve them by calling Stew Butts (541) 480-7487.

Dry camping only. Dry Camping is Free.

All registration fees will be collected at the event.

Ride Hard, and Shoot Clean!